Rijksmuseum book masters of the golden age

The Rijksmuseum are bookcases full written still has - surprisingly - so far not a single book justice to the aesthetic class and scope of the precious treasure that is the Hall of Fame rich. English
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For lovers! Marcel Wanders has succeeded with this book a work of art to be delivered, performed incredibly beautiful and luxurious, with an eye for special details. Each book is meticulously crafted and with special attention, using quality materials such as genuine leather, high-grade metal, complicated film techniques and customized paper - everything from unique design by Marcel Wanders. Finally, each book manufactured with precision by passionate artists and skilled craftsmen who their craft - graphic art and manual bookbinding - understood like no other.

The book oozes with class, grandeur and craftsmanship past times is a feat of modern techniques and insights associated with artistry and enthusiasm - a first!

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