Zipper Necklace silver

Beautiful Dutch Design jewel of French Nieuwenborg. Made of sterling silver.



Escher puzzle

Hand with ball of M.C. Escher puzzle 1000 pieces and small poster in the box.



Seco coasters

The design for the ‘Seco’ coaster began as a doodle, playing around with angles and geometrical shapes. Simplicity was core to its design with the intention to create a variation of this every day object that is pleasing to the eye.



Escher cufflinks

Set of two polished stainless steel cufflinks. Packed in gift box. Gift Box Dimensions: 66 x 66 x 26mm



Mini Escher puzzle

Mini Escher puzzle 210 pieces 17x 17 cm.



Wine Cooler 'Hat'

Wine Cooler 'Hat' is made of the material EPP. This material is well known for its insulating effect. A perfect design and Hat keeps your wine cool! The design itself is simple yet provides a unique and complementary effect on your table