Cultural Gifts

Beautiful Dutch cultural gifts
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Earrings "Girl with a Pearl Earring"

These earrings - mother of pearl with bright white colours - are lively eyecatchers. The design is based on the earring of Vermeer's "Girl with a pearl earring".



The Zeeland mussel cutlery

The Zeeland mussel cutlery has been developed from the love of mussel farming in New Zealand . But not only people in Zeeland love mussels , so it was time to expand into the rest of the Netherlands !

Mussels preparation is so easy ; just rinse an...



Poster "Girl with a Pearl Earring" Vermeer

Posters, 50 x 70cm, packed in a box with label. Choose from themes such as Delft Blue tiles, tulips, or etchings by Rembrandt.



Chardonnay wine gums

The real wijngum with Chardonnay taste! Fun packed in delft blue box 8 x 10 cm and natural ingredients. A gift for men and women.



Christmas ornament Delft blue canal houses

Beautiful Delft blue Christmas decoration with canal houses.



Vase Layers White

This stack vase is a beautiful decorative object in your home! The vase has been specially designed and made for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Each layer of this stack vase can be filled with water.



Mondriaan bow

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the art movement De Stijl, we have revived the Boogie Woogie of Piet Mondriaan. This unique handmade bow in a nice wooden box.



Escher cufflinks

Set of two polished stainless steel cufflinks. Packed in gift box. Gift Box Dimensions: 66 x 66 x 26mm



Rijksmuseum Tiled Tableau

Authentic wall decoration of an original Portuguese tile tableau from the Rijksmuseum collection.

112 x 196 cm

card size:
14 x 14 cm

Synaps, synthetic paper
(moisture resistant, crease resistant, UV resistant)

color coupl



Lotto Towel

Towel in lotto carpet design



Delfts blauwe balloon dog

Balloon dog gemaakt van kunsthars afmeting 50 x 40cm.




Coasters, tulips, Jacob Marrel (1613-1681). Easy to clean, coasters with a cork layer, heat-resistant laminate surface, presented in a transparent box.



Shellfish skewers

Previously it was customary to eat seafood with pin or needle in the sewing box. In response, this beautiful set Shellfish sticks. The sticks are a pure tin products and artisan cast in the Netherlands. The ...



New Master "Van Gogh" by Emarits

Old masters in a new outfit - came into being 'new masters'. Dutch scenes today in style of the old masters. The most famous inhabitant of The Hague, the Girl with the Pearl, in jeans and Vincent van Gogh with a glass of wi ...



Girl with pearl embroidery

Recently, the museum shop is enriched with a new artwork inspired by "The Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Johannes Vermeer. The Girl with the Pearl has been given a special appearance by the use of embroidery in combination with oliev ...



Royal Delft diskus sign "Food"

Sign Diskus: Food for me is the best that life has to offer, in fact "I eat so I live." If I ask you for the most delicious thing you've ever eaten, and I'm sure when you really felt alive, all the senses awake. Ver ...



Breitner silk scarf

Commissioned by the Rijksmuseum, for the exhibition of 14 paintings of Breitner from a “Girl in a kimono”.
70 x 180 cm

The scarf is inspired on the patterns and colors in the paintings.



Monopoly The Hague

A really Hague version with the well-known streets, squares and companies that in the game. The game box, the Board and in the opportunity-and ' General fonds' cards ... the whole game exudes the Hague.



Miffy handmade Maxima

Miffy handmade crochet and her yellow queen Neset, 100% cotton, 25 cm






Statuette by artist Renee Bazuine. 25cm high 10 cm wide. of numbered series of 250.

€125,00 €47,50